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January 31, 2010

Would you bet your company on PhoneGap?

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I posted this to a list of mobile/social/geo entrepreneurs.

Let’s say (hypothetically, of course) I’m starting to develop a brand new mobile application/service today, January 31, 2010.

I’m gonna want it to run on iPhone first, and eventually Android. Maybe even Blackberry and WebOS someday. Possibly even Symbian. Possibly.

So I start by reading…


…and then look at some iPhone-specific help…

jQTouch / Three20

…and then I scratch my head:

1) Is PhoneGap flexible enough that I can feel good betting my company on it? Or should I just start by building my iPhone app natively and THEN figure out what to do once I want to be more than iPhone/iPad?

2) Will I want to throw PhoneGap out 3-6 months from now because of its own limitations?

3) Will Apple stay consistent in its belief that it approves of PhoneGap?

I’ve added this as a question on Quora as well.

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