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June 25, 2008

Pandas spend 10 hours a day eating!

Panda Panda


June 22, 2008

Earthquake Cat!

Earthquake Cat!

Luxury Launches: “Some genius mind from Japan have designed a cool survival kit for cats and dogs that includes some basic items that can keep your four legged furry pal alive till the fire brigade gets to them.”

This picture is begging to be LOLcatted.

June 20, 2008

Lego Fun Snacks!

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Lego Fun Snacks

Penny Arcade: “I would love to know what sick bastard at Kellogs came up with this genius idea. I just spent the first three years of my sons life trying to get him not to eat blocks, and now you’re telling him they taste like fucking strawberries. Thanks a lot assholes. Seriously, how in the hell did this ever get past their legal department. You can’t tell me that this isn’t a lawsuit just waiting to happen. I can only assume that their next product is fruit flavored thumbtacks.” 🙂

June 15, 2008

Panda search engine!

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panda babies

What the world needs now is a panda search engine. Pandoogle, if you will.

Thank you, Victoria.

June 12, 2008

I *do* believe in unicorns!

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single-horned deer

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