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January 14, 2011

Social Networking Venn Diagram. 2011 update!

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In the last few weeks Quora came alive and MySpace is dead…
So we’re upgrading our DespairWear for the new year!

Social Networking in 2011 is neither social nor networking. Discuss.

Props to Christian Bale for illustrating the new social order:
Facebook = Narcissism x Stalking
Quora = Narcissism x OCD
Foursquare = Stalking x OCD
…and Twitter is the one ring to rule them all.

    It matters not if you’re a panda or a whale.

    This is the state-of-the-art in social networking right now:

    Facebook forces me to bring all of my friends and interests with me wherever I Connect, like Yoda riding my back telling me what to do, grammarlessly and ceaselessly.

    Twitter has no memory and as a result is useless if I want to have an actual conversation. The community and content have nowhere to continually improve but elsewhere, so Twitter will always exist as exhaust.

    Zynga is the Chuck E. Cheese’s of the Internet: I buy phony currency with real money to play games I won’t care about in a year to earn tickets redeemable for stuff that does not move my life forward or contribute to my genuine happiness.

    Foursquare and Quora combined have fewer than 10 million users. Compared with the size of the Web, that rounds to zero.

    The world can do better.

    The future of social networking is waiting to be invented.

    In Kushinagar the trees lower their blossoms on the Buddha’s death bed.

    His last works at the age of eighty are:

    Carl Sagan once said,

    Somewhere, something incredible
    is waiting to be known.

    Social networking, we’re ready for a change.

    Bring it.


    January 11, 2011

    Incorporation Day: 1/11/11.

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    This morning I woke up thinking about true happiness.

    True happiness involves the pursuit of worthy goals, Csikszentmihalyi said:

    “Without dreams, without risks,
    only a trivial semblance of living
    can be achieved.”

    In other words, the spice must FLOW!

    So today, 1/11/11, at 11:11am, Troutgirl and I are incorporating PandaWhale.

    That’s right. It goes to eleven.

    What is PandaWhale doing?

    We at 106 Miles want to bring our cocktail party online.

    PandaWhale is writing the software to make that happen.

    Our mantras at PandaWhale are simple:

    1. Love HTTP(S).
    2. Trust HTTP(S).
    3. Save the Web!

    To learn about saving the Web, see Tim Berners-Lee.

    We want to do our part to Save the Web by organizing public conversations among the members the 106 Miles community, so that our conversations are searchable, lurkable, and transactable across the Web.

    Meanwhile… back to work!


    P.S. — If I don’t answer your email, it’s because I’m busy. Please keep pinging me if it’s important. Thank you!

    And till we ship, you can join 106 Miles on Meetup.

    We will ship as soon as we can.

    PandaWhale, fuck yeah!

    Feel free to sing along…

    January 1, 2011

    In 2011 I resolve to…

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    1. OWN AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE. I will be more thankful for who (and what) is in my life. I will not take my health or my happiness for granted.

    2. THINK ABOUT WHAT I WANT, NOT WHAT I DON’T. Inclusion says my brain doesn’t understand negation so my thoughts will be more about what I want to attract, not what I want to avoid.

    3. CONFIDENTLY TAKE A STAND MORE. When I disagree, I will be assertive in my position instead of politely demurring. When needed, I will be more fierce. I will get up one more time than I am knocked down.

    4. BE EXCELLENT. Do something truly great. In the real world, not just in the online world. I want to show up, be part of an insanely awesome endeavor, and help make it even better.

    5. BE PRESENT. I will be here now and spend more time engaging people and less time with my head down staring at a mobile device.

    6. CONNECT MORE. And not just connect in a 106 Miles sense, but in a human-to-human, compassionate sense. Only connect. With empathy.




    7. LET GO. And look to the future, not to the pasture.



    8. MASH UP. Mash up my music. Mash up my life. All Day.

    9. BREATHE. Just breathe. This time baby, I’ll be bulletproof.


    10. BE HAPPY. There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.

    11. BE KIND. Only kindness matters in the end.


    —— …reposted from my Quora; here’s an update… ——

    In the comments on this post, Albo P. Fossa adds: ‘A caution. I saw an interesting ecard for New Year’s this morning: “I can’t believe it’s been a year since I didn’t become a better person.”

    ‘[Also] I saw on the Today show this AM (12/31/10), an interesting idea for resolutions. Instead of proposing “godlike” aspirations doomed to failure, choose discrete (maybe even one-day’s-worth) goals. Such as, “I will make a $5 donation to xxx charity.” Or “I will wash my dishes on January 11th.” …’

    So my discrete goal in 2011 is to buy Lucas and Joyce some Psycho Donuts in Campbell, CA on or before April 1, a date we picked together for shipping the first software for the 106 Miles community to use to connect with each other online. (Code name: PandaWhale!) Til then, it’s 106 Miles to Chicago …

    For now, I leave you with this kitten in a box.

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