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February 12, 2011

PandaWhale — Frequently Asked Questions

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Somewhere, something incredible 
is waiting to be known.
      ~ Carl Sagan

Since being named Fortune’s Best Networker, I’ve been barraged with questions about PandaWhale.

I realize that the PandaWhale Posterous does not say much yet, because we’re heads-down developing software.

So let’s start at the very beginning: 

Next, here are answers to 11 Frequently Asked Questions.


1. When was PandaWhale, Inc., incorporated?

Joyce Park and I incorporated PandaWhale on 1/11/11.

We picked that date because it’s binary and because everything in PandaWhale goes to 11.

She’s mirthful like that. Doesn’t she look mirthful?


2. What is PandaWhale’s mission?

3. How will you expand the Web through social sharing?

PandaWhale is starting by building the website 106miles.net to organize the public conversations among the members of 106 Miles.

4. What is 106 Miles?

106 Miles is a networking group that started in January 2005 but has exploded since we changed to a meetup format in August 2010.

As of right now, we are 1100 technical startup people in Silicon Valley that have conversations over cocktails twice a month.

The mission of 106 Miles is to educate and empower entrepreneurial engineers.

PandaWhale serves the mission of 106 Miles by developing the software to organize our online conversations.

5. What’s a panda?

The term comes from a Posterous post I wrote in July 2010 called Pandas and Lobsters.

Pandas are Internet users who are self-interested foragers, spending their time searching and consuming.

We are developing PandaWhale to be loved by pandas. PandaWhale’s conversations will be searchable, lurkable, and transactable.


6. What’s a whale?

The term comes from a Posterous post I wrote in August 2010 called Whales and Lobsters.

Whales are the biggest Internet users. Whales have many followers and are always wanting more!

We are developing PandaWhale to be loved by whales like me and Scoble and Ben Parr.


7. Are Twitter and Facebook compatible with PandaWhale?


PandaWhale conversations will connect with Twitter conversations around interests, bringing more value to all.

And PandaWhale conversations will connect with Facebook conversations around people, bringing more engagement to all.

8. What does “Save the Pandas, Save the Whales, Save the Web” mean?

In December 2010 I said that Facebook is shrinking the Web.

1 in 4 Web pages in the U.S. are now viewed inside Facebook.

At PandaWhale we love HTTP and trust HTTP.

So we believe the creator of the Web Tim Berners-Lee, who wrote Long Live the Web in Scientific American.

TimBL says that the time to Save the Web is now.

We are ready to do our part.

9. How will PandaWhale help to Save the Web?

Public conversations are the key to expanding the Web.

We believe this after many conversations with John Battelle about the Twitters and the Facebooks and the YouTubes and the Blogs and the conversational marketing movement, which gets me bloviating until you tl;dr… So don’t get me started.

Let’s just say that social media has had a great start.

We want it to go to 11.

10. Who funded PandaWhale?

As of right now, Joyce Park and I are funding PandaWhale ourselves.

Until someone wants to invest $11 million dollars. 😉

 11. What date should I save for a PandaWhale party?

Save Friday 11/11/11 for a party for 1111 of our friends. Still figuring out the details!

Like all things PandaWhale, it will go to 11


And on that note, we go back to developing

February 10, 2011

The network is a great friend.

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Whatever you are, be a good one.”

— Abraham Lincoln




Thank you, Fortune magazine!

I’ve been told that the value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of connected participants, right or wrong.

I believe that the network is a great friend.

And I believe in the strength of weak ties.

And I believe in common interests.

And I believe in pandas and whales.

Together, weak ties, common interests, and pandas & whales are what make a network so wonderful.

I often get asked how I built my network. The answer is my network developed little by little, in fact a little every day through small gestures and acts of kindness, over the course of many years, with love and strength and courage, with a desire to make better the lives of the people I’m connected to, and with an attitude of gratitude.

Thank you, my network!

You make this year go to 11.

I’m also deeply internalizing network effects.

When more people participate, everyone benefits.

The Sun may have been swallowed by The Oracle, but the network for each and every one of us has only just begun.

I believe in the empathic civilization.

And that the network takes us there.

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