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December 8, 2011

Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.

The Internets say that Bob Marley said that everyone’s gonna hurt you but some people are worth it anyway.

No matter how much I search, I cannot find the context under which he said it or even if he said it…



“Truth is” is a lesson that repeats until it is learned.

I speak “truth is”, and “truth is” speaks to me.

We are feedback loops.

We are the stories we tell ourselves.

Life is full of ups and downs. So get up.

“Truth is” is interconnected through time…
  1. “Be here now.” This began my wondering if Bob Marley even said it.
  2. I’m willing to believe that 6 million Facebook likes can’t be wrong.
  3. So I Facebook’d it too, looking for answers. None came.
  4. And I did it again.
  5. I tumbled for it. And I asked on Quora.
  6. But still no one on the Internets knows when or why Bob Marley said this.
  7. It reminds me that life is pain, highness; anyone who says differently is selling something.

    Fear of pain causes stress.

    Do not fear pain. Let go of fear.

    Maureen Killoran said, “Stress is not what happens to us. It’s our response to what happens, and the response is something we can choose.”

    Maybe I will wait forever and never find out if Bob Marley said it.

    The truth about forever is that it is happening right now.

    Maybe I will get lucky.

    Those who open ourselves to pain often find luck. 

    It’s worth taking some time to learn to attract luck:
    1. Create your luck, says Altucher. Luck only takes 4 steps.
    2. There are 4 principles for making luck, says Bakadesuyo.
    3. Make your own luck, says 106 Miles paraphrasing Bakadesuyo.
    4. Happiness affects luck profoundly, says Tumblr. I repeat it.
    5. Invest in a luck factory and make a fortune, says ifindkarma.
    6. What traits do lucky people share? Optimism.
    7. Attitude affects luck, says Wiseman.
    Memo to self: include luck in my incantations to be great.


    I repeat: Don’t try to avoid pain.

    Instead, find someone or something worth suffering for.

    Open yourself to heaven and earth, then trust your natural responses; and everything will
    fall into place

    Step out of your comfort zone.

    That is where the magic happens…

    Postscript, a few days later. Truth is, Bob Marley probably did not say this.

    Thank you, Spyridon Michalakis, in helping my quest for the truth.

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