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May 23, 2010

gLee Live — a guest review by my friend Darron…

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We were supposed to meet Darron, Miguel, and Ru in Los Angeles on May 20 to see GLEE LIVE. Unfortunately, family matters called us away, but Darron, Miguel, and Ru (and Joyce and Jen!) still got to go and had a fabulous time! Darron then sent me his review, which I post below for all to enjoy…

Since you couldn’t make it down for gLee Live, I thought I’d *try* to bring it to you! We all LOVED it and had such a good time. We met Joyce and her friend Jennifer at Universal City Walk. They were very nice and I sent you a pic of them posing with Ru and Miguel (above). We had fun outside goofing around and took more pics which I???ll send when I get them, but then it was time to head inside.
Inside the auditorium it was a PACKED house. The curtains were closed on the stage. They were red with one large white McKinnely High School logo on each side. Excitement was crackling in the air. The audience was equal parts little girls, grown women and fashion-forward gay men.??Placed on either side of, and above the stage were large flat screen monitors. At 8:00pm the auditorium went dark and the crowd went WILD and started screaming!!!

The monitor displays introduced us to a dance troupe called??“LXD” Legion of Extraordinary Dancers. These guys and gals were guest performers on “So You Think You Can Dance”…

…and they’ve performed at the Oscars. Now, they’re the opening act for New Directions! Apparently there are hundreds of members because on the screens here in the auditorium, a short video clip would play with a couple of dancers, displaying their names and LXD member number. There were member numbers as high as #511 and higher! (obviously all members didn’t perform!) etc… After each clip, those dancers would do a short performance skit on stage. The audience was going wild.??
I was surprised when one of the clips showed Harry Shum Jr, aka, Mike Chang, aka, “Other Asian” from Glee. I’ve learned that he’s not only a member of LXD, but also a choreographer for them. His stage performance was a cool solo number involving possessed silver shoes that, when placed on his feet, force him to dance energetically in a variety of dance styles. All in all, they were all fun to watch, but we were waiting for the main course!

A short time after LXD left the stage, a group of Cheerios came out and started handing out “Barf Bags” to the audience members. Little girls were running down the aisles to get their pictures taken with the Cheerios as they snagged a bag. What are the barf bags for? I guess we’ll find out. Shortly thereafter the theater went dark again as the happy loopy humming music that plays during the “Previously on Glee” portion of the TV show played loudly throughout the auditorium.??

The monitors displayed Sue Sylvester talking to us about how she loathes us for coming to a New Directions performance, and about how we’ll be sorry. She told us that we are idiots for paying what was probably a ridiculously exaggerated price for tickets since they sold out in 15 seconds. She tells us that she had her Cheerios hand out barf bags to us because, after watching Will’s group perform, we’ll need them desperately. The camera angle widens to reveal that Will is actually sitting next to her with an exasperated look on his face. I don’t really remember what he says but I think it was something along the lines of reprimanding Sue and telling us to “Enjoy the show!”
Curtains open on the original “5 1/2” original New Directions members: Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Tina and Artie as the opening “da da da da”s of “Don’t Stop Believing” start playing. After they sing the first verse, newer members of New Directions join them on stage: Britney, Santana, Puck, Mike, Matt (Black guy) and Quinn …

They sing a great version of Journey’s classic (ignore off key audience members in that video!), followed immediately by Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You.” after a very quick costume change they do “Push It.” By the way, the whole audience is standing dancing and singing along during all of this! On the monitors, Will appears with “Great Job guys! Okay, now your assignment is to do some solos that represent who you are. Rachel, I assume you want to go first…”??
To this, Rachel responded with ???Don???t Rain on My Parade??? and did it just like she did on the show, meaning she entered the stage after walking through the audience, and ended it with fellow cast members doing the same. I can???t say that I remember the whole song line up in order, but bare in mind that they were all faithful recreations of the TV show:
Mercedes did ???Bust the Windows (out your car).??? Speaking of Mercedes, she was the star of the show if you ask me. She hit some serious notes effortlessly and did it all with a smile on her face. She was pretty incredible. It???s hard to believe that she auditioned for Amer
ican Idol and didn???t even make it past the first step!

One highlight was just before the Van Halen ???Jump??? number, Britney and Kurt did a little comedy flirtation which can be seen here …

… but one of my FAVORITE songs from the night was when Kurt and Rachel sang ???Defying Gravity??? …

Again, don???t mistake off key audience girl for Rachel!
Many more songs were sung and they ended with Tina singing ???True Colors??? which was beautiful, and the final song of the evening was Queen???s ???Somebody to Love.??? The show seemed too short, but that???s because we were loving every minute of it. We mentioned that in order to please everyone they???d have to perform every song from every show which, I guess is impractical.??
Oh yeah, they managed to throw in ???Bad Romance??? from next Tuesday???s GaGa episode. It was a great evening and we wish you both could have been there, but of course we understand why you couldn???t. Thanks again for making it possible for all of us, and keep your eyes on your mail box! 😉


Thanks Darron for the guest post! Did you know Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” is the most-watched video ever on YouTube ever?


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