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May 20, 2010

Taylor Momsen Revealing Photos, Vajazzling, and Ten More Ridiculous Facebook Pages.

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Actually, there are no revealing Taylor Momsen photos here.??That’s just searchbait. People type in things like Taylor Momsen revealing photos into Google or Bing??or Twitter??– or Facebook! — and then get search results that link to Web pages that have, say, titles like “Taylor Momsen Revealing Photos and Ten More Ridiculous Facebook Pages”. It’s an old marketing trick that also serves as the foundation for why Facebook Pages are so valuable to Facebook and should be making people inside Google and Bing nervous about Facebook Pages becoming more authoritative than Wikipedia pages.

I talk about this in my writeup of my top 10 ridiculous Facebook Pages.

That writeup is summed up in the question, “Why does Facebook have Facebook Pages?”

The answer, according to Facebook, is to make money.??
The answer, according to me, is to entertain us.??
Backing up my point (and NOT theirs) are ten more ridiculous Facebook Pages:

I’ve now collected??1001 ridiculous Facebook Pages. But I’m always hungry for more.

What are your favorites?


P.S. — I stand corrected when I said no one could possibly like vajazzling at the end of the original post about my top 10 ridiculous Facebook Pages. Apparently 1325 people on Facebook like Vajazzling your Vajayjay.??Sure, that’s only 2% of the number of people who like Taylor Momsen, but it still makes you wonder about the youth of today. Oh, the humanity!


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