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May 18, 2010


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Apparently there’s a grand plan the writers have in mind for the end of LOST.

That plan is REDEMPTION.

Doc Jensen:

If history is stuck in a rut of corruption and catastrophe, can it be unstuck? Can the vicious cycle be broken? Can the hopeless myth of damnation be replaced with a new, better myth? I would like to suggest that these questions represent the Great Work that Jacob has been pursuing over the past couple thousand years. And after much trial and error, and after a few failed approaches, Jacob has found a way to do it ??? though it will be up to the castaways themselves, and perhaps one castaway in particular, to actually finish his Island redemption project.

Damon Lindelof adds (in the New York Times):

If there???s one word that we keep coming back to, it???s redemption. It is that idea of everybody has something to be redeemed for and the idea that that redemption doesn???t necessarily come from anywhere else other than internally. But in order to redeem yourself, you can only do it through a community. So the redemption theme started to kind of connect into ???live together, die alone,??? which is that these people were all lone wolves who were complete strangers on an aircraft, even the ones who were flying together like Sun and Jin. Then let???s bring them together and through their experiences together allow themselves to be redeemed. When the show is firing on all pistons, that???s the kind of storytelling that we???re doing.

I think we???ve always said that the characters of ???Lost??? are deeply flawed, but when you look at their flashback stories, they???re all victims. Kate was a victim before she killed her stepfather. Sawyer???s parents killed themselves as he was hiding under the bed. Jack???s dad was a drunk who berated him as a child. Sayid was manipulated by the American government into torturing somebody else. John Locke had his kidney stolen. This idea of saying this bad thing happened to me and I???m a victim and it created some bad behavior and now I???m going to take responsibility for that and allow myself to be redeemed by community with other people, that seems to be the theme that we keep coming back to.


So forget looking for the answer to every question, and instead focus on redemption as it applies to the characters.


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