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April 15, 2010

Top Ten I-10 Road Trip Tips, by Susan C. Kim

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Our friend Eric Barker??has a friend Susan C. Kim, who we asked for travel tips as we road trip on the 10s tour. Thank you Susan for this wonderful reply!!!

Advice on driving the 10? Well, I’ve never done it, but I can say:

1. Don’t sleep at rest stops at night

2. If you do, lock your car–and your pants

3. Never think you can wait until the next gas stop; could be 100 miles away

4. Driving sleepy is more dangerous than driving drunk

5. Don’t road rage with the locals (I learned this the hard way in rural Texas)

6. Take photos of everything, back it up on a hard drive every day, and and log every thought you have (could be useful later) and back that up too

7. If you drive with the window open, your left arm will get tan, which is cool if you like that

8. Don’t kill your co-pilot bc then you have to figure out where to dump the body

9. Bad things that happen make for good stories

10. But don’t make any shit up

Best of luck!


About Susan C. Kim: “I write for a living. About food, travel, home design, the environment, and lifestyle news features. For several years, Coastal Living hired me as its W. Coast Editor and Features Writer. I produced stories, photo shoots, and generally spent alot of time with sunscreen on. Now I’m a free agent, thinking and writing at will. My published stories include those in the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, TIME, California Home + Design, Sunset Magazine, CNN.com, Where Magazine (San Francisco), California State Visitor???s Guide, AOL Travel Guide, Pregnancy Magazine, AcuraStyle, Hyphen, GlobalChefs.com, and Coastal Living. I’ve appeared on television and radio to discuss lifestyle topics, and have also developed recipes for Select Magazine, Culinary Trends, and the Asian Grandmother???s Cookbook. Health Magazine and the Chicago Tribune covered the story of my career switch from attorney to writer. Do I ever regret making the jump? Hell no.”



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  1. I stress this again: Don’t sleep at rest stops (or Waffle Houses, for that matter)

    Comment by Anonymous — April 18, 2010 @ 9:07 pm

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