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January 15, 2010

Friends who are hiring!

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Yes, this is the worst economy of my lifetime. I know plenty of great people who are looking for work, and I remind them not to lose hope. We’re clawing our way out of the recession one job at a time, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I do have some friends who are hiring — mostly for developer jobs, but as these companies grow, they’ll hire for other positions, too. I will try to keep this list up-to-date. But as heisenthought points out, everybody wants JavaScript developers, it seems.

Please at-reply me on Twitter if you’d like an introduction to any of these companies:

SayNow (Palo Alto, CA) — JavaScript and Ruby developers who like to rapidly prototype social applications

Gowalla (Austin, TX) — Ruby, JavaScript, and mobile developers

Foursquare (New York) — Excellent developers

Hypertable (Burlingame, CA) — Technically-minded salesperson

Quora (Palo Alto, CA) — Python developers

Asana (Palo Alto, CA) — designers, developers, and a businessperson

Plancast (San Francisco) — JavaScript and PHP developers

Payvment (San Francisco) — JavaScript and PHP developers

Apture (San Francisco) — JavaScript and Python developers

AppDiscover (Redwood City, CA) — iPhone and Android developers

Campfire Labs (San Francisco) — Javascript, Ruby, and Python developers, and systems engineers

Dolores Labs (San Francisco) — your guess is as good as mine

Sitepen (anywhere) — JavaScript developers, visual designers, and project managers

EcoFactor (San Carlos, CA) — Java developers

Manymoon (San Francisco) — Java and JavaScript developers

InTwig (Redwood City, CA) — JavaScript and PHP developers

eFitPlan (San Francisco) — Java/PHP/Ruby developers who want to fuse the latest exercise science with computer science to provide personalized workouts and fitness coaching to the masses, for free

Breakthrough (Palo Alto, CA) — Ruby engineers, a Product Manager, and a Director of Sales, ideally with health care experience but not required

Palaran (Palo Alto, CA) — Search scientists, Systems engineers, Frontend hackers

Reputation Defender (Redwood City, CA) — JavaScript and PHP developers

Truveo (San Francisco) — web developers and sysadmins

iSocket (San Mateo, CA) — JavaScript and PHP developers

Ribbit (Mountain View, CA) — C++, Java, Flash, and mobile developers

Ustream (Mountain View, CA) — C++, PHP, Flash, JavaScript, and mobile developers

Blekko (Redwood Shores, CA) — Perl, C++, and JavaScript developers

Wolfram Alpha (San Mateo, CA) — everything

Lithium (Emeryville, CA) — a little bit of everything

Gaia (San Jose, CA) — PHP and Flash developers

Watercooler (Mountain View, CA) — JavaScript, PHP, and Flash developers

Playdom (Mountain View, CA) — JavaScript, PHP, and Flash developers

Sociable (San Francisco, CA) — Product manager

Liftium (San Francisco) — JavaScript and Ruby developers who want to on-ramp new publishers using Liftium’s ad technology

Chai Labs (Mountain View, CA) — Rock stars

Snooth (New York) — JavaScript and PHP developers, and salespeople

Yelp (San Francisco) — JavaScript, Python, and iPhone developers

Etsy (Brooklyn, NY) — The question is, what AREN’T they hiring right now?

Hunch (New York) — JavaScript and Python developers, and an analytically-driven blogger

Betfair (San Francisco) — a little bit of everything

Glitch (Canada) — ???

Trackville (Mountain View, CA) — ???

Kerosene and a Match (Orange County, CA) — ???

knx.to (Menlo Park, CA) — business development person

speedi.ly (Palo Alto, CA) — ???

AdCru (San Mateo, CA) — ???

Ellerdale (Menlo Park, CA) — ???

PandaWhale (Palo Alto, CA) — iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and CSS/JavaScript-on-mobile-Webkit developers

Career Resources (Redwood City, CA) — looking for temps

And of course Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Zynga, Ning, Bing, and Silver Spring Networks are hiring too.


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